In America marshmallows hugely popular. In the Netherlands we are familiar with marshmallows, or - as we call them frequently - bacon. The American marshmallows are somewhat different and are available in many more different forms.

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

Rocky Mountain is one of the most famous brands when we are talking about marshmallows. This brand are Classic Marshmallows available. Delicious marshmallows with vanilla or fruit flavors. Delicious as a snack, but certainly suitable for roasting in the fire! Organize a campfire or barbeque with friends and treat them to this delicious delicacy. Everyone his or her own love marshmallows by the fire. The inside is then soft and gooey . Gourmet

Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

In addition to the classic marshmallows these pieces of bacon are also available in a mini-variant. This mini marshmallows, also vna Rocky Mountain are the perfect addition to your hot chocolate. The small marshmallows are softened by the heat and provide a delicious, creamy taste. Of course, the mini marshmallows are not only suitable as an addition to hot chocolate. The delicious vanilla flavor is an addition to many other hot drinks and dishes and is also a delicious sweet snack.

Marshmallows on bread?

So really, you can! Indeed, in America this is itself very popular. Marshmallow Fluff is a spreadable, aerated marshmallow paste which is great in a very Dutch sandwich. In America they go themselves even further. They combine the Marshmallow Fluff with peanut butter. What you get? A typical American Fluffer Nutter ! Do you dare to try?

Besides the fact that it is a wonderfully sweet spreads, the spreads marshmallows can be used in many other ways. For example, the fluff is a delicious topping for ice cream, pies and cakes and a tasty addition to a shake. There are many recipes available for tasty marshmallow treats!

Enjoy !

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