Amerikaanse Chocolade

American Chocolates to feast - the largest range can be found at Shop America!

The USA has a range of delicious chocolates that are extremely popular in their home country and now we offer you the unique opportunity to also try this delicious American chocolate for yourself. We can already guarantee you now that you will be as excited as we are!

Are you a sweet tooth? A chocolate lover ? Then the water will jam the mouth at the sight of following American chocolate. Each and delicious products that you can not just buy in the supermarket.

Popular American Chocolate

One of the most popular US chocolate products are the delicious bars and cookies Hershey's . There are lip-smacking bars with peanuts, topped with caramel and dipped in chocolate. Or how about the famous Hershey's Kisses?

Besides Hershey's can also be found in our Butterfingers American chocolate assortment. These bars are more than 80 years a household name in America, there is no other bar that even remotely comes close to the taste of the Butterfinger bars. Do you love chocolate? Peanuts and caramel? The Nestle Butterfinger is an absolute must-try !

American Chocolate Shop in America

Shop America strives to US enthusiasts to offer a full range of American chocolate. We are always looking for new, typically American products to further expand our product range and our customers to provide more fun and tasty products from the land of the free and delicious american chocolate!

Your American Chocolate is packed with care, shipped and delivered within 3 working days, so you can start enjoying your order ASAP. Enjoy !

Amerikaanse Chocolade
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